Hooked on Names

Welcome to "Hooked on Names", a local business created by parents who spelt their children's names in a non traditional way.

We always struggled to find our children’s names on things, it was never spelt correctly and there was never any choice of colours! When our oldest child started school, we looked everywhere for a solid keyring with her name on it to hang on her bag, but with no luck.

That lead to the beginning of our business, we wanted to create a personalised keyring for our children to put on their school bags, one that had their favorite colours too!

Now we have added more personal touches with the choice of a clip or a ring ( for those that might lose the keyring off their bag!) Also we have special extra beads, a variety of sports that our children love to play and some pretty butterflies, hearts, stars, flowers or skulls to finish it off. Please see our range page to view our full range of colours and specialty beads.